Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy is a side-scrolling game featuring 2D retro style graphics. The objective is to walk or run to the right, avoiding nasties and rocks. If you touch any nasties you lose a life, collect as many food as you can.


One can customize the look of "Jungle Boy" by installing your own resources via the File app, a resource pack template is provided here for every app that supports add-ins.

The app must to be allready installed in order to install the add-ins or if this page is NOT viewed on an iPhone or iPad, simply download the add-ins and install them manualy via the File app.


Nasties move towards you along the ground, your only option is to jump over them or if available jumping onto a cloud.


Rocks will make you trip up, preventing you from running forward or jumping until you are clear of the rock.


Spiders fall down from a strand of web before climbing back up and repeat the process, in some situations you will have to jump over a spider than walking under to avoid them.



Template for getting started in providing your own graphics, sounds or music resources.

Game Title

The new "Game Title" used in the v2.2.11 update and later.


Play as the new "Wo-Ke" charactor.

Please note this requires
all other resource files
to be installed.